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Greetings and welcome to Anjouan Gaming Licence, your reliable provider on acquiring an Anjouan Gaming Licence. With over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, we provide clients, entrepreneurs, and corporations with comprehensive online casino turnkey solutions, licensing, technology, and banking solutions.

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Offering Ready-Made Anjouan Gaming Licenses: Buy or Sell Gaming and Online Casino. GBO provides a direct, efficient path for industry growth.

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License categories include online casinos, bingo, lotteries, affiliates, operators, white labels, technology, and B2B gaming. Anjouan and Curacao

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Our services encompass full gaming solutions: incorporation, licensing guidance, policy creation, and banking choices for compliant operations.

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We help gaming and high-risk businesses discover and secure reliable payment solutions, including SWIFT, SEPA, and Crypto.

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    About us

    Established in 2009, GBO has transformed into a premier licensing service provider in the gaming industry. We offer complete solutions for gaming company setup, including licenses, banking, and expert corporate guidance. Our unwavering professionalism simplifies complex cross-border gaming business challenges.

    Anjouan Gaming Company Structure

    Holding Company

    The operating company is capable of acquiring the Anjouan gaming license, which is open for application across various global jurisdictions.

    Anjouan-eGaming License

    The Anjouan Gaming license allows targeting of international players, collaborating with banks and various gambling providers.


    EU Company

    The necessary EU entity is needed to execute contracts with financial institutions, banks, and other payment providers, and to transfer revenues to the company’s account.


    Merchant account for handling online payment card transactions (debit, credit, etc.), crypto payments, and other alternative methods.


    Electronnic Mony Institution

    Enables the company to collect funds from Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and serves as the corporate bank account for all banking requirements – The Company Bank Account.


    Obtain the Anjouan gaming license with the leading service provider in the market.

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    See below Anjouan Gaming License costs:

    Category Details Cost (EUR)
    Incorporation of Holding Company 3,100
    Incorporation of an Anjouan Company 800
    Company Formation, Documents, Courier 2,300
    Annual Maintenance Fees Registered Office, Resident Agent
    Anjouan Gaming License 17,000
    Required ISP Services for Compliance Backup 13,300
    Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization Fee 2,000
    Multiple Compliance and Backup Fees Required ISP Services for Compliance Backup, Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization Fee 1,700
    Other Services
    Nominee Shareholder 4,000
    Nominee Director 6,000
    Power of Attorney 500

    * Annual Fees
    ** Standard structure will be considered no more than 4 individual shareholders and directors. For a
    Complex structure, the fee to be discussed separately.
    – VAT needs to be added if applicable.

    What is an Anjouan Gambling License?

    An Anjouan gaming license is a permit obtained by online gaming or gambling operators to legally run their businesses from the jurisdiction of Anjouan, rather than where their primary operations are based. These licenses are issued by regulatory authorities in Anjouan with frameworks that support and govern online gaming activities. Here’s a breakdown of why they’re sought, the requirements to obtain them, and their advantages and disadvantages:

    Why Obtain an Anjouan Gaming License?

    1. Legal Clarity and Compliance: Operators obtain these licenses to operate legally, avoiding legal issues in countries where gambling might be restricted or unregulated.
    2. Market Access: A license allows operators to access markets globally, where local laws may otherwise restrict the operation of unlicensed online gambling sites.
    3. Credibility: Having a reputable license enhances an operator’s credibility among players and partners, ensuring trust and reliability.

    Requirements for Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License

    The requirements vary significantly but generally include:

    1. Company Setup: Operators must establish a corporate presence in Anjouan.
    2. Application Fees: These can be substantial and often non-refundable.
    3. Background Checks: Owners and key personnel undergo thorough background checks to ensure there’s no link to criminal activities.
    4. Software and Technical Audits: The gaming software is tested to ensure fairness and compliance with technical standards.
    5. Financial Records: Demonstrating financial stability and transparency is crucial.
    6. Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Laws: Operators must have systems in place to prevent money laundering.

    Advantages of An Anjouan Gaming License

    1. Regulatory Flexibility: Anjouan might have less stringent regulations, allowing for broader operational freedoms.
      Privacy: Enhanced privacy for operations and potentially for customers, depending on the jurisdiction.
    2. Disadvantages of An Anjouan Gaming License
    3. Reputation Risks: Anjouan might not be as reputable as other jurisdictions, potentially affecting trust among users.
    4. Regulatory Changes: Anjouan can sometimes change regulations quickly, which might affect operational stability or costs.
    5. Limited Market Access: Some countries do not allow their residents to engage with operators licensed in Anjouan, which can limit market size.
    6. Higher Scrutiny by Financial Institutions: Businesses with an Anjouan license might face tougher scrutiny from banks and payment processors.

    Obtaining and operating under an Anjouan gaming license requires careful consideration of both the regulatory environment of Anjouan and the needs of the business. The balance between regulatory requirements, operational costs, and market access should guide the decision on where to apply for a license.

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