Anjouan Gaming License Costs and Fees

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GBO, a prominent provider in the gaming industry, specializes in offering the most cost-effective Anjouan gaming licenses, ideal for online casinos and gaming start-ups.

Our services extend far beyond just licensing. We provide a full turnkey solution, which includes company formation, banking solutions, merchant services, and comprehensive systems support. This all-encompassing approach ensures your gaming business is fully equipped for success.

Acquiring an Anjouan gambling license through GBO positions your company competitively in the online gaming market. This affordable license allows you to delve into various online gaming sectors, including running online casinos with a diverse range of games, establishing sports and eSports betting platforms, and innovating in virtual and augmented reality gaming. It also supports the development of peer-to-peer gaming, mobile gaming apps, and live dealer games, all while being the most cost-effective option in the industry

Pricing Structure for Ajouan Gaming License and Related Services Expense

Breakdown for Obtaining Anjouan Gaming License Price Details Total Cost for First-Year Anjouan Gaming License, including setup and ISP services for compliance backups:

Anjouan Gaming License Cost

  1. Estimated License Issuance Time: 2-3 weeks
  2. €13,300 Annual Fee for Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization (each Key Person) Associated with gaming license issuance
  3. €2,000 First-Year Compliance and Due Diligence Charges Covers up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs Necessary for Corporate Formation, License Application, and Maintenance Extra Charges for Complex Structures Per Subject Additional Due Diligence Cost: €250-500
  4. €1,700 – Required as part of ongoing Corporate Governance, License application.
  5. €17,000 – Total Initial Anjouan Gambling License costs.
  6. €17,000 – Total Annual Maintenance Costs (for the Anjouan license).

Additional Services Offered by GBO

In addition to providing the most cost-effective Anjouan Gaming Licenses, GBO offers a range of additional services tailored to enhance and support your gaming business. Our suite of optional services is designed to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the unique needs of your gaming venture.

Key Additional Services Include:

  1. Company Formation in Various Jurisdictions: We can assist in establishing a company in multiple jurisdictions, which will serve as the License Holder. This service is crucial for those looking to expand their gaming business globally.
  2. Payment Agent Company Setup in Cyprus: We offer specialized services for setting up a Payment Agent Company in Cyprus, which includes handling all the necessary formalities for the first year. This service ensures seamless financial transactions for your gaming operations.
  3. Nominee Director and Shareholder Services: To help maintain privacy and provide ease in corporate governance, we offer Nominee Director and Shareholder services. These services are beneficial for businesses looking for efficient management and confidentiality.
  4. Ongoing Due Diligence and Compliance Services: Our team provides continuous support in due diligence and compliance to ensure that your business stays aligned with regulatory requirements.

why are Anjouan license costs relatively low in compare to Curacao?

The cost difference between obtaining a gaming license in Anjouan and Malta is influenced by various factors, which include their respective regulatory frameworks, the scale and complexity of their licensing processes, and the strategic objectives of each jurisdiction.

  1. Regulatory Framework: Anjouan’s regulatory framework is generally considered to be more straightforward and less stringent compared to Malta’s. Malta has a more comprehensive and detailed regulatory environment, which often requires more extensive compliance and due diligence processes. These more involved processes in Malta naturally lead to higher costs.
  2. Scale and Complexity of Licensing Process: The licensing process in Anjouan is typically simpler and faster. In Malta, the process is more thorough, involving rigorous scrutiny of the business plan, financials, and background checks on owners and key personnel. This thoroughness contributes to higher costs both in terms of the fees charged by the Maltese authorities and the costs associated with preparing for and going through the licensing process.
  3. Target Market and Reputation: Malta has positioned itself as a premier jurisdiction for online gaming, focusing on attracting larger, more established operators who can afford higher fees. The country’s reputation as a gaming hub within the European Union adds to its appeal but also justifies its higher licensing costs. Anjouan, on the other hand, is often seen as more accessible for smaller or newer companies entering the gaming market, which is reflected in the Anjouan gaming license cost.
  4. Ongoing Compliance and Operational Costs: Malta’s strict regulatory environment requires continuous compliance, which can increase operational costs for licensees. These ongoing costs, including regular audits and reporting requirements, can be more burdensome compared to Anjouan’s regime. The Anjouan gaming license cost is thus more attractive for those seeking a more cost-effective option.
  5. Strategic Objectives: Each jurisdiction has different strategic goals in terms of their gaming industries. Anjouan may aim to attract a higher volume of operators with lower fees, while Malta might focus on attracting fewer but larger and more established companies.
  6. Taxation and Financial Incentives: Malta and Anjouan offer different tax structures and incentives, which can also impact the overall cost of operating under their respective licenses. Malta, being an EU member state, might have different tax considerations compared to Anjouan.

In summary, while Anjouan offers a more cost-effective and less complex entry point for online gaming businesses, Malta provides a more robust regulatory environment, which comes at a higher cost. Each jurisdiction attracts different types of operators based on these characteristics.

Contact GBO for Detailed Pricing:

The costs for these additional services vary based on the specific requirements of your business. To get a detailed and personalized quote, we encourage you to contact GBO directly. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the selection of services that best fit your business needs and budget. Reach out to GBO today to explore how we can contribute to the success and growth of your gaming business.

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