Anjouan Gaming License Requirements and Process

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Anjouan Gaming License requirements and Process

Anjouan Gaming Licence is a burgeoning but less well-known option within the online gambling sector, predominantly pursued by gaming operators and online casinos seeking a less stringent regulatory environment and lower costs. Nzwani, commonly referred to as Anjouan, is a constituent state of the Union of the Comoros, an Indian Ocean island nation. The issuance of online gaming licences by the jurisdiction commenced in the early 2000s. This licence authorises operators to engage in a wide range of online gaming activities, such as operating casinos, organising sports betting, and operating lottery games.

A Brief Overview of the Anjouan Gaming Licence

Anjouan Gaming Licences are appealing for several reasons:

  • Effectiveness in terms of cost: The expenses related to acquiring and upholding an Anjouan licence are typically more affordable in comparison to jurisdictions that are more established.
  • Anjouan provides a regulatory framework that is comparatively more lax in nature when in contrast to alternative licencing authorities.
  • Regarding corporate privacy, the jurisdiction is renowned for its stringent regulations.
  • Anjouan, akin to Curacao, offers an all-encompassing licence that encompasses every type of online gaming.

Anjouan Gaming License requirments:

  1. Applicants are required to register a corporation in Anjouan.
  2. A comprehensive business plan maybe necessary, encompassing financial projections and marketing tactics.
  3. Software and Game Fairness: Frequently through third-party testing, operators are required to demonstrate the dependability and fairness of their gaming software.
  4. Policies Against Money Laundering (AML): It is required to implement stringent AML procedures in order to prevent financial crimes.
    Responsible gaming measures necessitate the implementation of systems that safeguard vulnerable players and encourage responsible gaming.
  5. Sufficient technical infrastructure, potentially encompassing server configurations, located within the confines of Anjouan.

Application Process

Stage 1:

Gathering for Preparation Records of documents: Compile all requisite documentation, encompassing financial and business records, as well as substantiation of software impartiality.
Establish a corporation in the province of Anjouan.

Stage 2:

Submission of the Application
Application Submission: The application, along with all mandatory documentation and application fees, ought to be submitted to the Anjouan Gaming Authority.

Stage 3:

Due diligence background checks are performed by the authorities on key personnel and company directors.
An evaluation of the organization’s compliance with both domestic and international gaming regulations is conducted.

Stage 4:

Licencing Approval and Licencing: The gaming licence is issued by the Anjouan gaming authority following a successful application.

  1. Launch of Operations and Compliance: In the fifth stage, the online casino can commence operations.
  2. Continuous Compliance: Compliance checks and audits must be performed on a regular basis to guarantee continued adherence to the gaming laws and regulations of Anjouan.

Stage 6: Renewal
Renewal of Licence: Periodic renewal of the licence is necessary, encompassing an assessment of the business operations and compliance status.
Once these requirements have been met, an online casino that is operating under the authority of its Anjouan gaming licence may commence accepting players. Ensuring adherence to the regulations established by the Anjouan gaming authority is of utmost importance in order to sustain the license’s validity.

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