Anjouan Gaming License: A Strategic Advantage or a Potential Risk?

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GBO provides affordable Anjouan gaming licenses and comprehensive services for online gaming ventures, including company setup, banking, and system support.

Our solution caters to a range of online gaming sectors, from casinos to sports betting and virtual reality, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Cost Overview for Anjouan Gaming License and Associated Services

Detailed Expenses for Acquiring Anjouan Gaming License – Pricing Breakdown:

  • Anjouan Gaming License Fee
  • Timeframe for License Approval: Approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Initial Fee for Anjouan Gaming License (includes setup and ISP services for compliance backups): €13,300
  • Annual Authorization Fee for Compliance Officer/Key Person (applicable to each individual): €2,000
  • Year One Compliance and Due Diligence Fees (for up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs, essential for Company Formation, License Application, and Ongoing Management) – Additional costs may apply for more complex structures. Additional Due Diligence Price Range: €250-500 per individual: €1,700
  • Overall Initial Cost for Anjouan Gambling License Setup: €17,000
  • Annual Ongoing Maintenance Expenses for Anjouan License: €17,000

Anjouan Gambling Licence: A Prospects or Obstacle for the Industry

Anjouan, an archipelago in the Comoros consisting of volcanic islands, has a culturally diverse and historically significant past replete with sultanates and colonisation. Political instability, including coup attempts and separatist endeavours, has plagued Anjouan since its annexation to the independent Comoros in 1975. However, the region has been stable for the past fifteen years, which has fostered an environment that is favourable for the advancement of business and regulatory frameworks.

Origin and Trustworthiness of Anjouan’s Gambling License

The Anjouan gambling licence rose to prominence after Curacao’s gaming licencing system was reformed in 2023. The strategic leadership exhibited by the licencing authority in Anjouan, which has built a reputation for integrity, security, and openness, is responsible for this ascent. The regulatory framework, which comprises formal dispute resolution and anti-money laundering and anti-fraud measures, is in accordance with international gaming norms, thereby bolstering its credibility.

In addition, the Curacao framework and Anjouan exhibit a high degree of similarity with regard to pricing, required documentation, AML, and licencing procedures.

A Comparative Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Curacao:

Undoubtedly, the forthcoming modifications to the Curacao gaming licence framework—which will substantially amplify the yearly maintenance expenditure to approximately 70,000 EUR—are poised to fundamentally transform the market. Both licences are geared towards international players.

Although Anjouan provides advantages such as tax benefits, company incorporation flexibility, and a unified licence that encompasses all gambling activities, it encounters difficulties regarding partnerships with game providers and payment solutions.

Nevertheless, its licence validation tools and banking options contribute to its allure, signifying an expanding reputation within the international gaming industry.

The intended recipients of Anjouan’s licence are operators who possess distinctive games or concepts, organisations that require swift licencing and introduction, and companies that aim to establish trustworthiness with investors or players. The software’s comprehensive approach and streamlined procedure render it a feasible choice for a wide array of operators operating within the online gaming sector.

Timelines and Documents Required for the Application Process:

A comprehensive documentation phase comprises the application process, which encompasses remote ID verification and additional due diligence procedures. After company formation and licence issuance, document preparation typically takes about one month on average.

Cost Evaluation: The licencing fee, which varies and consists of an agent commission, company formation expenses, and a fee for the first year, is an essential investment for ensuring legitimacy and regulatory compliance.

The licence fee, which is non-refundable, emphasises the criticality of submitting a thoroughly prepared application. The cost of an Anjouan Gaming licence begins at 17,000 EUR, exclusive of company formation and other procedures and documents related to corporations.

The gambling licence issued to Anjouan offers both prospects and obstacles. The organization’s increasing prominence, adaptable licencing alternatives, and calculated regulatory methodology establish it as a highly auspicious contender within the gaming sector. However, prospective candidates must meticulously evaluate their particular requirements and ascertain whether the licence is in accordance with their business goals.

Anjouan Gaming License Costs Summary:

  • License Issuance within 2-3 weeks: €13,300
  • Compliance Officer Fee per Key Person: €2,000
  • Yearly Compliance/Due Diligence for up to 4 individuals: €1,700
  • Total Initial Setup Cost: €17,000
  • Annual Maintenance: €17,000

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